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A 360° approach to support our customers at every stage of the supply chain, from farm to table.

At Mérieux NutriSciences, we partner with our customers by offering practical and innovative solutions, contributing to making food systems safer, healthier and more sustainable.

Brand Reputation

  • Assure conformity of your products
  • Be recognized as a responsible organization
  • Continuity & reliability
  • Prevent & manage crisis

Implementing a strong quality culture is key to reflect positively on your brand and save costs related to product defects and recalls.

We can provide you with support to reinforce consumers’ trust in your brand on safety, quality and sustainability aspects, through consulting and specific services linked to your products (packaging strategy, claims, food product formulation, etc.). We help you on all aspects to prevent crises that could affect your brand, from a thorough assessment of your food safety and fraud risks to a customized risk and crisis management plan for your entities.


  • Build a sustainable relationship with your supplier
  • Monitor the safety and quality of your supplies/raw materials
  • Ensure a transparent and resilient supply chain

Developing sustainable partnerships with your suppliers is key to ensure your supply chain is safe, responsible and in line with external and internal standards.

We can provide you with support to reinforce consumers’ trust in Through our auditing, testing and suppliers management solutions, we can support you in selecting the right partners, monitor them over time, ensure they are resilient to face any possible crisis, check their traceability and certificates of analysis, engage them in a continuous improvement process, and mitigate food safety & quality risks related to the use of their raw materials. 


  • Implement a strong quality & safety control plan
  • Ensure food safety through consistent processes
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Control and monitor your production environment

A strong quality control plan in your manufactures allows you to minimize your transformation cost by reducing scrap and preventing food safety issues and quality defects. Monitoring the production environment is key to detect potential sources of contamination. 

By leveraging its strong and long-past expertise in food safety and quality, Mérieux Nutrisciences helps you be compliant and achieve thegreatest quality standards in your production sites, while facilitating your day-to-day activities with smart digital solutions.

Our team supports you for the assessment of your possible risks and the definition of your control plan tailored to your food matrices and processes. Routinely, our audits and testing services ensure your manufacture is complying with the control plan criteria. Occasionally, we analyze the root causes of your products’ defects and quality deviations and help you define the corrective actions. Specifically, we review your processes, sanitation protocols and business continuity plans and support you in building resilience for your operations.

Market Suitability

  • Ensure target market compliance anywhere in the world 
  • Deliver healthier and tastier products
  • Demonstrate your commitments towards sustainable products 

A strong quality control plan in your manufactures allows you to Before launching a food product, you need to ensure your product is safe and meets market requirements in all commercialization markets. 

By leveraging its strong and long-past expertise in food safety and Mérieux NutriSciences ensure products and labelling compliance with legislations all over the globe and adjust labels and claims to local requirements.

The efficiency of product information and claim attractiveness can be tested through our customer studies capabilities. Our dedicated online tools for regulatory monitoring and labelling management will ensure a seamless release of your food products into their markets and notify you when your labels need to be revised. Moreover, through our participation in transverse research projects on smart & intelligent packaging, we stay at theforefront of technological innovation and support you in providing additional information on product quality, traceability and sustainability to consumers. 

Through our audits and consulting services, we can also help you meet the requirements of your stakeholders, by helping you get certified or auditing your suppliers and manufacturers. 

Product Development

  • Formulation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Food products marketability
  • Continual Improvement Process 

Developing food products is a strategic and critical step, which leads to consider many aspects: the product positioning on the market, the right formulation and sourcing to match consumers’ expectations in terms of quality, taste and experience, as well as the compliance with local and international rules. 

Mérieux Nutrisciences can support you in multiple ways along the product development journey, from regulatory framework understanding to specific characterization (e.g. nanocharacterization), sensory and nutrition studies (in vitro and clinical), process and shelf life validation and packaging eco-conception. Our Expert services teams and Food Science Centers are suited to accompany you with a customized and project-based approach, and can support you in regulatory applications (eg. claims, Novel Food).

We continuously develop new methods to anticipate the shift in food habits (e.g. plant-based products, novel food) and we participate in transverse research projects such as on intelligent packaging to stay at the forefront of technological innovation. 

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