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Blue Paper

Blue Paper provides key food safety data for the most relevant food categories and contaminants, including emerging risks, to help stakeholders, decision-makers and their teams to:

  • have a better understanding of food-related health issues
  • enhance the vision of current and future food safety challenges
  • take decisions on the daily work for risk assessment & risk management

What is the Blue Paper?

The Blue Paper is an initiative launched by Mérieux NutriSciences in 2016 with a simple goal: providing food safety trends, key issues and perspectives to every food companies.

It has become a reference document to-go-to to facilitate decisions you have to make.

  • An expert report to monitor emerged & emerging risks and reinforce your food safety risk assessment process, taking into account new sustainability challenges
  • More than 150 pages, 6 chapters, 42 focuses on contaminants & food matrices, in an easy way (infographics and mappings)
  • Comprehensive analysis of food safety alerts, expected regulations, recent events & official reports, consumer perspectives

A collaborative work addressing reference institutions

Always evolving, this is the document to go to when you have a question regarding your market(s).

The Blue Paper is a yearly document evolving over time thanks to:

  • Mérieux NutriSciences’ experts highly involved in local and international organizations
  • the feedback of our customers.

Topics addressed

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