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Digital tools

Digital tools

Food companies are struggling to protect their brands and guarantee a consistent global level of food Safety and quality. As time passes, your environment is becoming more and more competitive as well as globalised.

We understand that digitalisation of the processes has became a main target for Food companies over the past years. Moreover, being aware of the fast changing regulations has became difficult to keep-up with.

Aware of these challenges, we developed various tools to help you accelerating a digital focus, fostering an electronic culture within the company, and building consistency between existing promising assets.

We have developed a set of solutions to help you automatised your monitoring, reports, orders and more.

Food Safety & Compliance Management

Automate and streamline your environmental monitoring program.

Get a handle on your supplier data with QualMap.

A complete quality assurance sytem in 1 application.

Customer portal, order services and access testing results on this platform designed exclusively for our clients.

Data analysis

Monitoring Food Fraud & Safety Alerts worldwide

  • Monitoring official agencies in 58 countries and online media
  • Search by filters
  • Statistics, trends, push alerts

Monitoring Limits of Law in only a few clicks.

An easy-to-use tool to detect your limits and export your products without concerns.

Useful databases for managing food safety hazards and food fraud risks of ingredients.

Monitor relevant new regulations published in Official Journals in 74 Countries.

Customize your data and target only the markets relevant to you.

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