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Method validation

Method validation

Mérieux NutriSciences supports the food industry with custom method validation studies to confirm analytical methods are suitable for their intended use.

Method validation is a process by which a third-party laboratory runs analyses and provides objective evidence that a method’s requirements are fulfilled. It demonstrates that the method can detect and identify an analyte or several analytes.

Why validate your test methods?

Analytical method validation is a critical step to ensure the best levels of food safety and quality. Indeed,

  • False-negative results are unacceptable
  • ISO 17025 lab accreditation requires the use of validated methods
  • Method validation is key to prevent food recalls and crises and protect consumers’ health

Our Method Validation Studies

Mérieux NutriSciences researchers bring years of experience to develop custom validation studies aligned with global standards. Method validation studies confirm your methods are suitable for their intended use. Our experts assess the accuracy, precision, and reproducibility of your quantitative methods and the sensitivity and specificity of your qualitative methods. 

At each stage of our custom-designed projects, our research team will keep you updated and provide you with key advice. Our method validation studies can help in the process of:

  • Developing new methods
  • Comparing existing methods

Our methods are:

  • Applicable to methods for one or several food products
  • Applicable to methods including one or several instruments or platforms

Contact us to discuss how Mérieux NutriSciences can help validate your methods for their intended use!

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