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Silliker® Food Science Center

Silliker® Food Science Center

Inspire. Discover. Innovate.

Mérieux NutriSciences presents the newly named Silliker® Food Science Center, to honor our founder Dr. John H. Silliker. 

When Dr. John H. Silliker founded his first laboratory in 1967, he became a preeminent figure in the fight against Salmonella and food safety. He used science to develop practical and innovative solutions to answer food industry challenges. His work and vision continue to influence many generations of scientists and food experts as well as still guide our innovation-driven approach today. 

The Silliker® Food Science Center’s core philosophy is to Inspire. Discover. Innovate.

Dr. John H Silliker has inspired generations of scientists. It’s with this inspiration our scientists stand ready to continue the tradition of developing science and lead contract research projects for the food industry.

Wendy McMahon, M.S.
Research Director
I can still hear Dr. Silliker’s voice sharing his practical experience evaluating methods especially when compositing
Alireza Parvanehvar, M.S.
General Manager Silliker Food Science Center
Dr. Silliker’s vision on finding solution for food industry questions and concerns.
Catharine Carlin, Ph.D.
Director of Microbiology Innovations
Dr. Silliker’s commitment to quality
Erdogan Ceylan, Ph.D.
Director-Scientific Affairs, NA Global Key Accounts
Inspired by Dr. Silliker’s passion and vision for practical solutions.


Dr. John H. Silliker’s fundamental principle was to provide a place to go when you need to know. This has driven us to work alongside food companies to solve their unique challenges with shelf life extension, product integrity, and method applicability.

Thermal Resistance in Chocolate Chip Cookies at Three Moisture Levels

How do you know if your product is resistant to micro-organisms? In this case study, see how the Silliker® Food Science Center setup a study to observe the thermal resistance of  Enterococcus faecium NRRL B-2354, Escherichia coli, and Salmonella in Chocolate Chip Cookies at Three Moisture Levels.

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Validation of Detection of Listeria monocytogenes in more economical sample sizes

Can the sample size be increased to 125g sample to reduce testing multiple 25g samples for Listeria monocytogenes and still be detectable in portion of Swiss cheese? This is the question the Silliker® Food Science Center set out to answer. 

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Determination and Confirmation of Antibiotic and Antiviral Drug Residues in Pet Treats

Are there residual antibiotics and antiviral drug residues present in finished product pet treats? This is the question the Silliker® Food Science Center set out to answer. 

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Dr. John H. Silliker continually pushed the boundaries of innovation which is continued today by our scientists. 

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Inspire. Discover. Innovate.

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