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Safety HUD

Safety HUD

Safety HUD was designed to help food operators around the world to perform risk assessments on their products and raw materials, and to meet international standard requirements (e.g. BRC, IFS). This solution has been designed by Mérieux NutriSciences to meet the highest expectations in monitoring daily food fraud and food safety alerts to give you a comprehensive insight into key facts, trends, and analytical recommendations.

Since 1st May 2018, we have monitored about 100 official agencies covering 58 countries, as well as media sources from all over the world.

With Safety HUD, never miss any event that may impact your food categories.

Access to precise information in real-time

  • List of all alerts
  • Each alert fully described in terms of product, ingredient, risk, source, notifying country, country of origin, and countries affected
  • Link to the original source document

Filter and sort alerts according to your needs

  • Media sources in or out
  • Search by keywords or filter by parameters
  • Download alerts and reports in Excel and PDF for easier internal use

Comprehensive understanding of food issues and their dynamics

  • Search for specific statistics by filters (products, issues, countries, source, time range)
  • Compare time ranges to see trends
  • Display exportable mappings and diagrams
  • Understand what is behind the numbers: pass from statistics to related list of alerts
  • Zoom in on specific countries, products, or issues with a few simple clicks

Benefits of Safety HUD

Your Daily Companion

Stay on top of the news you care about and receive food fraud and safety alerts in real-time

Personalized for You

Save time and target only the information you need

Protect Your Brands

Identify the relevant risks for your products and take the right course of action

Contact us today to learn more about Safety HUD and a free trial.

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