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Regulatory Update

Regulatory Update

Regulatory Update provides businesses support that enables them to be updated on new regulations in real-time – monitoring and analyzing regulatory frameworks in  70+ countries.

Market globalization requires more and more companies to export their products. Being updated on new rules and laws, and managing all relevant information in the right way is the key to a winning strategy.

Our Regulatory Update solution is tailored according to customer’s parameters (countries, product categories, and more) and provides a clear and comprehensive summary of every new regulation published on Official Journals and Institutional Websites.

Regulatory Update Online

Updates are published within 5 days from the publication of the rule in the Official Journal.

Our Regulatory Update tool provides the following information:

  • Country where the rule is issued
  • Product category affected by the rule
  • Source and type of rule
  • A clear and comprehensive summary of the rule
  • Sanctions envisaged in case of non-compliance
  • Date of implementation

Our tool allows refining the search from all news published since 2009 with the following filters:

  • Year of issue
  • Country
  • Product category
  • Conformity parameters

All news from 2001 to 2009 is available in PDF files gathering the news of a whole year.

Regulatory Agenda

Subscribed users can also use the calendar feature to visualize and search for new regulations and see when they will go into effect.

Regulatory Update Newsletter

Users will receive a bi-monthly newsletter summarizing all news published on Regulatory Update Online in the previous two weeks. The Newsletter organizes news by country and product category with regulatory updates on label, product conformity, and legislative reports of the chosen market.

Global Markets

Fine-tune your area of focus to your markets of interest.

  • North America
  • South America
  • EU (all EU members + EU Regulation)
  • Europe Complete (included EU Regulation)
  • Extra European Countries
  • Asia- Pacific
  • Maghreb & Gulf Countries
  • Far East
  • Eurasian Custom Union
  • International (includes all 76 Countries)

For more info about Regulatory Update, or to request a free trial, contact us today.

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