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Go Beyond The Spreadsheet

Does your Supply Chain management have you buried in manual reports and data? Do you spend too much time managing spreadsheets instead of managing your business? Are you worried about the risks to your brand that you might be missing as a result?

With QualMap, we have built a solution that lets you manage all aspects of your supply chain with quick-access dashboard reporting. Whether you are in the foodservice, retail, or food processing space, our web-based application will help you monitor your data, your products, your ingredients, and your overall supply chain to keep you informed on how your brand is performing and mitigate risks early.

A Data Solution for Food Experts, by Food Experts

Integrate data from multiple sources

  • Configurable & interactive dashboard for high-level monitoring
  • Track conformance to customer & corporate requirements
  • AN EXPERIENCED PARTNER in the food industry
  • A SCIENTIFIC PARTNER to effectively PREVENT health risks
  • A GLOBAL PARTNER to build comprehensive prevention strategies

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