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A strong quality control plan in your manufacturers allows you to minimize your transformation cost by reducing scrap and preventing food safety issues and quality defects. Monitoring the production environment is key to detecting potential sources of contamination. 

Enhancing your Manufacturing Program

  • Implement a strong quality & safety control plan
  • Ensure food safety through consistent processes
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Control and monitor your production environment

By leveraging its strong and long-past expertise in food safety and quality, Mérieux Nutrisciences helps you be compliant and achieve the greatest quality standards in your production sites while facilitating your day-to-day activities with smart digital solutions.

Our team supports you in assessing your possible risks and defining your control plan tailored to your food matrices and processes. Our audits and testing services routinely ensure your manufacturer complies with the control plan criteria. Occasionally, we analyze the root causes of your products’ defects and quality deviations and help you define the corrective actions. Specifically, we review your processes, sanitation protocols, and business continuity plans and support you in building resilience for your operations.

Meet Michael, the Food Manufacturer

Get to know him, the trends he is paying attention to, and the challenges he faces when running a food manufacturing operation.

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