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Sustainable Business

It has become a major concern of organizations to address the new challenges of food production and distribution in our current context of climate change, rarified natural resources, massive inequalities in food and water access across the globe, and polluted ecosystems. As a food organization, you have multiple ways to positively impact your communities and help build more Sustainable Business and Food Systems.

Enhancing your Sustainable Business Program

  • Be recognized as a responsible organization, committed to contribute to SDGs
  • Implement and monitor Food Safety Culture in your organization
  • Monitor new regulations & emerging risks
  • Build business continuity plan
  • Prevent & manage crises

At Mérieux NutriSciences, we are convinced that, through these new challenges, we can co-create with you shared value for your organization and all your stakeholders (consumers, customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees). We help you define a clear sustainability ambition and strategy, with actionable actions and performance management system, going from standards definition to pilots implementation.

We can provide you with more specific services addressing your sustainability challenges all along your value chain: supporting new needs in your product development (Novel food development, support to product improvement, shelf life assessment reformulation for nutritional & quality improvement, change of raw materials, etc.), improving your sourcing (impact of agricultural practices, suppliers audits programs, traceability), providing sustainable packaging options solutions, optimizing and validating your new manufacturing processes to reduce energy consumption and food waste, and verifying your green claims.

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