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Clean and Sustainable Beauty

Clean and Sustainable Beauty

Best practice to assess ingredients, products and packaging.

Sustainability is real, regulated and can be measured!

Thanks to our expert team dedicated to sustainability and biodegradability projects, we are able to develop different strategies and propose ad hoc solutions.

Sustainability will not just be limited to packaging or ingredients, but concerns the product in its wholeness and complexity including the strategies applied to reduce its environmental impact throughout the production and consumption cycle.

Sustainable, what does it mean?

There is no standardised and common definition for “natural/bio” and “environmental sustainability” referred to cosmetic products. The absence of specific regulation on the topic and the disparity between private standards and administrative interpretations continue to generate uncertainty in the cosmetics industry. Each cosmetic brand expresses its own Sustainability Beauty according to its ideals. 

Not only sustainable, but also clean and ethical

Sustainability concerns cosmetics in its whole and complexity, and more and more terms are being used to refer to this topic, as Clean Beauty or Ethical Beauty. In addition:

  • Simplified formula
  • Naturals/Botanicals
  • Responsibly sourced
  • Safer for end users
  • Environmentally safe
  • Effective
  • Transparently disclosed

The concept of clean beauty refers not only to sustainable ingredients, products and packaging, but also to transparent communication about origin, controls, stability, safety and efficacy tests carried out by the cosmetic manufacturer. Clean beauty therefore responds to an increasingly widespread need for knowledge, information and awareness of every single aspect and process leading up to the product, formulation, manufacture, claim substantiation, and packaging.

Sustainable beauty, a promise from the brand to the end user.

Sustainable in a safe way

Consumer safety is essential. In recent years, the demand of products claiming natural properties or oriented towards environmental sustainability is growing in the cosmetic sector, but also in others. However, sustainable does not mean safe! It s not always easy to recognize which brand, product or ingredient is actually safe for the skin. It is important to ensure the safe use of the product for the end user through appropriate tests and analyses that assess the safety of the packaging and the product, in accordance with available guidelines and directives.

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