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In today’s high-tech world you need software to record and manage your outdated or overwhelming environmental procedures.

Manually picking sites and searching through spreadsheets for archived data causes more frustration than it is worth. Are you ready to take your environmental sampling to the next level?

You’ve come to the right place. EnviroMap is a secure, cloud-based system that is transforming environmental monitoring across the food industry, providing users effortless systematic tracking and traceability.

Elevate Your Environmental Monitoring Program by using EnviroMap’s Features

  • Automated scheduling
  • Automatic prescription of corrective actions
  • Results mapping
  • Real-time out-of-spec notifications
  • Executive and plant dashboard
  • Tracing of activities

How Does EnviroMap Work?

EMP Consultancy

Our Industry Experts can conduct an EMP Risk Assessment to ensure your program is designed properly (site selection and frequency), identifies risks, targets the appropriate organisms, and captures industry best practices specific to your products and processes.

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Testing & Sampling

  • Surface monitoring by swabs, contact agar, sponges
  • Aerial monitoring with passive sampling, settle plates, and other devices
  • Water testing of potable and processed water, and cooling towers
  • Cleanroom services with audits and baseline studies
  • Cleaning validation & monitoring
  • On-site sampling where experienced technicians collect samples or conduct environmental surveys at your facility
  • Pathogen monitoring for Listeria, E. Coli, Salmonella, and others
Microbiology Testing


  • Develop customized Environmental Monitoring Programs for your facility
  • Investigation & Troubleshooting of out-of-specification results
  • Design Listeria and other pathogen control and monitoring programs
  • Public and online EMP courses
  • Customer courses onsite to fit your facility needs
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From Training and Consultancy, to Microbiological Testing and Sensory Analysis, we've got you covered

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