August 28th, 2017
Fipronil and Amitraz Analysis



Over the past weeks, health and government agencies have confirmed that in several countries of Europe, eggs have been contaminated with Fipronil, a pesticide, which can be found in domestic insecticides, acaricides and pet care products. However, the use of Fipronil on livestock is strictly forbidden and even though it is moderately toxic for humans, it is highly toxic to fish, aquatic invertebrates and bees.

What happened?

This crisis actually sparkled in the Netherlands, where hens were treated against red louse with Dega-19, which contaminated eggs that were then distributed throughout Europe.

Since the beginning of August, millions of eggs have been destroyed and egg products removed from the shelves of supermarkets and stores. Contaminated eggs have been discovered mainly in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

For eggs, European legislation sets the maximum residue level for Fipronil in Regulation (EC) No 396/2005 at 0.005 mg/kg. Fipronil residues have been identified above this level.

Mérieux NutriSciences takes this very seriously, and provides a whole range of tests according to your needs.

types of pesticides screening levels are available as follows:
250 inspected substances – eggs and egg-related products
354 inspected substances – processed food containing egg-related products
597 inspected substances – poultry meat and by-products

We also offer the opportunity to test only Fipronil and its metabolites


Whereas health and government agencies - in and outside Europe - have confirmed the contamination of chicken eggs and meat (or derivates) by Fipronil and the situation has already caused many € millions damages, a second banned chemical is pointed out. Evidence of the use of Amitraz insecticide has actually been found in 5 Dutch farms working for poultry and meat business.

Amitraz is a “moderately toxic” substance. It is authorized for use against insects and arachnids in pigs and cattle, but not for poultry. Today, the risk to public health posed by this banned insecticide is unclear. So far, Amitraz has not been detected in eggs.

Mérieux NutriSciences takes this very seriously, and provides solutions to test Amitraz and its metabolites in any type of food matrice (including eggs and meat products). Most of them are accredited.

  • Tests compliant to European standard EN 15662:2009 (Quechers)
  • Quantification from 0.01 mg/kg for most of the foods (0.005 or less for fruits & vegetables)
  • Competitive turn-around time
  • Rush service available upon request   

Interested in Fipronil or Amitraz testing?