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Product Conformity

Product Conformity

Companies need to assess the actual conformity of their own products with the laws of the countries where they wish to market them.

Mérieux NutriSciences Labeling & Regulatory Services can help companies verify the conformity of their products in terms of ingredients, flavourings, processing aids in order to make sure that the products are permitted in the countries where they are going to be marketed.

On the basis of the technical specifications provided by the customer, we will define the legal framework regarding the product and its features and draw up a technical opinion on its conformity with reference to the features considered. The technical specifications of the product can be checked, corrected or created from scratch in compliance with applicable legislation and local market requirements.

The service is addressed to:

  • Industries
  • retailers
  • catering

The conformity of a product is determined by cross-referencing technical datasheets with their corresponding ingredients. This ensures that ingredients are reported in the final product accurately. Food labeling laws in each country require specific limits and eligibility criteria to be met for each of the ingredients in marketed products. Inability to meet such constraints may prevent products from being exported to a target market. Our services enable the customer to verify the eligibility of the ingredients in their products. 

Discover how Mérieux NutriSciences can support your food product compliance needs by scheduling a discussion with one of our experts.

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