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Allergen Control Plan

Allergen Control Plan

In recent years, food manufacturers have taken action to manage allergen risk and gaurantee the safety of the food they produce.

This system requires the setup of accurate and systematic management of raw materials, flows, and other factors and necessitates the involvement of company personnel as well as the implementation of auditing, process validation, and monitoring plans.

Testing for the presence of allergens in food products is done to validate and verify in-plant processes. Validation of processes like cleaning and product changeover procedures should include environmental swabs as well as product testing. Swabs or sponges can be used to monitor the presence of allergens on product contact surfaces within the production plant.

Additional Allergen Control Services

Testing is just one vital component of minimizing allergen risks. Through audits and training programs for employees, we can help you to develop a monitoring plan for the detection of allergens.

In addition to Environmental Monitoring, Mérieux NutriSciences provides a complete range of services to support your Allergen Control programs

Mérieux Nutrisciences accredited food allergens testing laboratories and technical and regulatory experts are recognised worldwide.

Contact us to better understand our full allergens services portfolio.

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