Biofortis, with our parent company, Mérieux NutriSciences, is a leading global player in sensory analysis and consumer research.

Operating sensory and consumer insights facilities in eight countries, all locations provide central locations tests and in-home-use tests.  North American locations include:

  • Chicagoland (Addison, IL)
  • Bentonville, AR
  • Gainesville, FL

Each location contains large databases of consumers to provide targeted demographics for both objective and subjective tests.  Biofortis sensory scientists are skilled in trained descriptive analysis, consumer testing, interviews and focus groups. With our consumer insights, we are able to support product developers and quality assurance professionals with a wide range of sensory tests on food, beverages, and consumer goods:

Thanks to these innovative solutions and our trained sensory experts, we decode the consumer product experience in precise and clear messages that benefit your product quality, product development, and marketing teams. Whether your goal is a new product launch or a quality monitoring program, our team of experts can help quantify and predict the performance of your products in the marketplace. Our results-oriented tools range from academic sensory to industry-focused directional methods that are built for quick and cost-effective insights. 


    Our Services

    Industries Served

    Biofortis services the unique needs of the food, nutrition and ingredient industries, successfully performing hundreds of studies during our twelve-year history.  We integrate our deep scientific and clinical expertise with a focus on operational excellence and project management. Learn more here.

    Retailers face a unique set of challenges due to the large number of products they must manage as well as the complex set of suppliers. Our Biofortis team has experience in establishing and managing retail product quality and supplier maintenance and selection programs utilizing sensory & consumer tools in addition to analytical testing within North America as well as in other regions of the world. Learn more here.

    Provident Clinical Trial Unit, located in the Chicago area, is a fully dedicated clinical research site specializing in Phase I-IV clinical trials.  Our highly experienced professional research team is designed to streamline efforts and assure maximum efficiency in all aspects of clinical research from study start-up to ongoing clinical trial maintenance, even on the most complex clinical trials. Learn more here.