April 23rd, 2020
April 23rd, 2020

Thursday, Apr 23, 2020 12:00 PM CST

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Due to rapidly evolving COVID-19 conditions, the food industry is exploring many options as alternatives to manage the safety of the food supply chain. This process includes the use of virtual tools and assessments, extending the validity of certificates based upon risk assessments, and rescheduling currently scheduled audits. These are necessary steps being taken to meet buyers and Certification Program Offices (CPO’s) requirements. 

These changing times are reinforcing virtual audits as an even more important tool. Conducting effective audits is a critical part of the process to ensure food manufacturers are continuing to operate at the same level of diligence while business is evolving to meet the new dynamic landscape.

In this webinar, Martin Fowell, Director of Auditing from Mérieux NutriSciences and Jake Lewin, CEO of Intact will share their insights, experiences and recommendations on conducting internal audit functions. 

A Key Focus will be on:

  • Types of audits and their benefits 
  • Managing food safety with audits during times of changes to production 
  • Strategies for developing an effective audit management system
  • The role technology in an audit
  • Advice tips, and best practices to consider