Mérieux NutriSciences is a leading global player in sensory analysis and consumer research. We provide sensory testing with fifteen sensory labs in 8 countries within the Mérieux NutriSciences/Biofortis network. We also offer sensory testing services in 15 other countries by utilizing local partner labs. Globally, we cover all sensory testing forms including trained (QDA and Spectrum) and untrained consumer testing, discrimination testing, quantitative and qualitative testing, and sensory training. We offer central location testing, in-home use testing, and customer inceptions. 

North American Locations:

  • Chicagoland (Addison, IL)
  • Gainesville, FL
  • Bentonville, AR


Each group has large databases of consumers to provide targeted demographics for both objective and subjective tests. Biofortis sensory scientists are skilled in trained descriptive analysis, consumer testing, interviews, and focus groups. Biofortis supports product developers and quality assurance professional with a wide range of sensory tests on food, beverages and consumer goods:

  • Descriptive Analysis
  • Directional Attribute Testing™
  • Flavor Profile
  • Sensory Shelf Life Studies
  • Large-scale Consumer Panels
  • Guidance CLTs
  • Focus Groups
  • Metro and Secret Shopping
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Category Appraisal
  • Specification Creation
  • Quantitative Consumer Assessments
  • In-home Use Testing (IHUT)
  • Consulting and Education
Thanks to these innovative solutions and our trained sensory experts, we decode the consumer product experience in precise and clear messages that benefit your product quality, product development, and marketing teams. Whether your goal is a new product launch or a quality monitoring program, our team of experts can help quantify and predict the performance of your products in the marketplace. Our results-oriented tools range from academic sensory to industry-focused directional methods that are built for quick and cost-effective insights.  

Consumer Insights

Mérieux NutriSciences/Biofortis has the mission to protect public health across both food and consumer goods. Consumer goods testing requires specialized facilities and expertise. Our experts will help you discover, test and confirm new sensory opportunities for your brands, from sensory trade-offs to preference mapping. We can help you identify opportunities in new markets, maximize the profitability of your products and actions and ensure a long-term relationship between your consumers and your product.
Our facilities and verified partners create a robust network of global testing centers including specialized testing features including:
  • Aroma rooms
  • Showers and wash basins
  • Make-up Mirrors and Vanities
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Focus group rooms
  • Hair dressing salons
The aim of our research is to help you better understand your consumers and define your marketing strategy by measuring and explaining the emotional and sensory aspects of your products.  Our experts use a wide range of conventional scaling techniques, emotion boards, and client-specific data collection schemes.  
Contact our USA based sensory science team today for a consultation on your specific project. 

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