Mérieux NutriSciences' Labeling Compliance & Nutrition Services team is available to make sure your food labels are meeting current food labeling laws and requirements. We can develop nutrition labels through lab analysis results or calculate your nutrition information through database analysis.

The Labeling Compliance & Nutrition Services team at Mérieux NutriSciences is a trusted partner to our customers, providing food and nutrition labeling guidance on proper application of the law, full compliance requirements, customer standards vs compliance and being able to meet quick turnaround times - even during high volume days.

With experts in regulations for the FDA, USDA, Health Canada and AAFCO, our global network allows us to provide food labeling compliance in over 22 countries. 

Labeling Compliance & Nutrition Services include the following and will fit into either the development or review stages of your product. 

  • Food Label Review
    • Food label artwork will be reviewed to ensure claims, standard of identity, net weight and distributor clause are all meeting compliance standards.
  • Food Label Review + Formulation Review
    • Food Label artwork will be reviewed against specification sheets to make sure the nutrition label has been properly formatted, ingredient lists are in the correct order, additives are correctly listed and ingredients are named properly. Claims, standard of identity, net weight and distributor clause will also be reviewed for compliance.
  • Nutrition Labeling by Database Analysis (Calculated Analysis)
    • Database Analysis is a computerized analysis using a Nutrition Database software. If calculated analysis is appropriate for your product, our experts will ask for documents such as your formulation and ingredient specification sheets in order to calculate your product's nutrition information.
  • Ingredient Statement & Allergen Declaration Review or Development
    • A Regulatory Compliance Labeling Specialist will review and/or develop an ingredient statement to ensure your ingredients are placed in proper order, additives are correctly listed, and ingredients are named properly. An Allergen declaration, which states any required allergens from ingredients will also be finalized. 
  • Label Claims, Nutrient Content Claims and Health Claims Review or Development
    • It is important to make sure your claims are truthful and not misleading. A Regulatory Compliance Labeling Specialists will make sure any nutrient claim, health claim or label claim can be justified by the ingredient list, Nutrition Facts Label, and food label. 
  • Food and Nutrition Labeling Consulting Services
    • A Regulatory Compliance Labeling Specialist will advise on questions regarding food labeling and the FDA, USDA, Health Canada or AAFCO regulations. Our Regulatory Consultants can give an expert’s perspective on any specific food label concerns. 

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