Food fraud is the deliberate production and/or commercialization of non-compliant food for financial gain.

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Food frauds jeopardize product authenticity, cause economic damage and can pose a risk to consumer health. Food fraud and authenticity topic covers a wide range of issues that require food matrix-based approach. A proper risk assessment, including tight monitoring and alert systems, and risk management are included in the requirements of international standards such as BRS, IFS or FSCC. Every food fraud risk needs to be carefully evaluated on a case-by-case basis considering the product, the specific food chain, the supplier, the historical data, the location where the production takes place and the current socio-economic dynamics. That is why a proper contextualization is key to frame the food fraud risk and design specific preventive measures to mitigate it.

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5 Aralık 2019
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4 Kasım 2019
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