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Research and development plays a key role in the industrial innovation process, which may consist of creating innovative products, replacing an existing product, or restyling an old product (e.g. packaging it in a different way). In all cases, the performance, safety and durability (accelerated aging) of the product must be evaluated in order to ensure the success of the project.

Mérieux NutriSciences deals not just with standard requirements, but also offers its customers the services of an R&D team dedicated to their needs, helping to define and conduct R&D projects thanks to:

  • High-level technologies;
  • Integrated services, including the evaluation of all aspects of the product chemical link, microbiological, sensory, physico-mechanical, claim substantiation, labeling etc.);
  • Highly qualified staff.

Whatever your product, our experts can support you in the development of a specific analytical test plan and in method validation. We can also provide revisions to labels and normative advice, and have a dedicated staff available to provide consultancy on specific topics.

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