Biofortis offers a new hybrid service that blends sensory and consumer studies with our clinical research know-how and expertise.

Using a private independent review board approved consent process and protocol to ensure careful and ethical human testing is utilized, consumer panels can be executed for a variety of products such as non-GRAS food ingredients, OTC products, diabetic diagnostic products or specialized diabetic population products, pharmaceutical flavoring, nicotine replacement, dietary supplements and alcoholic beverages.  Foods, food ingredients and non-food consumer products are in scope.

Recruitment of specific population groups geared appropriate to the product is also a strength of our team.  Our clients benefit by building a better picture of their targeted consumer segment and how their product is viewed.   With sensory research centers in three states in the South, Midwest and Mid-central parts of the USA, studies can be conducted at multiple sites as well. 

Most product types can be handled either via in-home usage or central location testing.