18 Oktober 2018

FREE WEBINAR - NIAS in food packaging


Some packaging substances do not play a functional role, but they stem from polymers or additives degradation, impurities contamination during production, etc.

These substances are called NIAS, non-intentionally added substances and can eventually introduce a potential safety risk. These molecules, like others, can migrate from packaging to food: for this reason, they should be risk-assessed as are intentionally added substances. This concept is clearly expressed in the European Regulation no. 10/2011 on food contact plastics, and in ILSI Europe guidelines, the first to be developed on this topic.

Our webinar is dedicated both to food and packaging operators who wish to deepen safety issues with reference to contaminants that could migrate from packaging. The webinar will briefly explain the legal framework, the challenges of NIAS determination, the analytical approach and a case study.

Last but not least, the bioassays will be introduced as being a complementary test to chemical analysis to assess packaging safety.

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Thursday, October 18 th, 11.00-11.45 AM (Central Europe Time)


(Registration closing date: October, 17th)