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Third-Party Audits

Third-Party Audits

What is a third-party audit? They verify your plant’s compliance with current regulations and industry practices through program reviews and on-site observations. Our 3rd party audits employ a combination of food safety principles, regulatory guidelines, and industry best practices to provide an objective overview of your program.

These audits include:

  • HACCP Audit
  • Distribution Centers (DC) Audit
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Audit
  • Food Safety Management Systems Audit
  • Pet Food/Animal Feed Audit
  • Packaging Audit
  • Dietary Supplements Audit

    Additional Audits

    Our Expertise in Third-Party Audits

    Our team is made up of individuals with a wide range of backgrounds, covering all major food sector categories and scopes. Our auditors have over 15 years of food manufacturing experience and undergo vigorous training and witness audit processes. The support staff, who help ensure a smooth audit process, are trained on internal policies, procedures, and customer service expectations to ensure our KPIs can be achieved.

    Learn more about our Third-Party Audits today.

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