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January 24th 2023

The Life of Paola, the Food Product Developer


Week One:

Begin the morning with a cup of coffee to get the creative juices flowing. It’s time to brainstorm and identify new opportunities for the business.

Week Two:

Time to collect team members’ input on the new food products. Today Paola is focused on creating a new smoothie and is collecting feedback from others in the organization. The meeting will focus on her product development process presentation, including research on the market, whether the smoothie should be Non-GMO and/or Organic, and the project management plan. 

Week Three:

Following the meeting, the team decided to develop a high protein, minimally processed smoothie that helps people build lean muscle faster than traditional smoothies, which will be both Non-GMO and Organic. 

Week Four:

Time to write a financial feasibility report to be reviewed by the leaders in the organization. Factors being considered are incoming ingredients to purchase and any potential risks. 

Week Five:

The specification sheet is created and taken to the lab to start benchtop development. 

Week Six:

Once we have a few samples of the smoothie produced, we are looking to gain some customer insights on the taste, claim verification, and marketability of the product.

Week Seven:

The product passed muster with the focus group, and now it is time to scale up the production of the new smoothie product. 

Week Eight:

The sales pitch is written, and it is time to take our smoothie to market. Paola can hand things over to production after a successful launch and start on his next big idea.

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