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Developing strong sourcing programs and sustainable partnerships with your suppliers is key to ensure your supply chain is safe, responsible and in line with external and internal standards.

Enhancing your Sourcing Programs

  • Build a sustainable relationship with your supplier
  • Monitor the safety and quality of your supplies/raw materials
  • Ensure a transparent and resilient supply chain

We can provide you with support to reinforce consumers’ trust in Through our auditing, testing, and suppliers management solutions, we can support you in selecting the right partners, monitor them over time, ensure they are resilient to face any possible crisis, check their traceability and certificates of analysis, engage them in a continuous improvement process, and mitigate food safety & quality risks related to the use of their raw materials. 

Meet Sam, the Sourcing Expert

Get to know him, the trends he is paying attention to, and the challenges he faces when sourcing.

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