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Market Suitability

Market Suitability

A strong market suitability program and control plan in your manufacturers allow you to meet your requirements before launching a food product, you need to ensure your product is safe and meets market requirements in all commercialization markets. 

Market Suitability

Enhancing your Market Suitability Program

  • Ensure target market compliance anywhere in the world 
  • Deliver healthier and tastier products
  • Demonstrate your commitments towards sustainable products 

By leveraging its strong and long-past expertise in food safety and Mérieux NutriSciences ensure products and labeling compliance with legislations all over the globe and adjust labels and claims to local requirements.

The efficiency of product information and claim attractiveness can be tested through our customer studies capabilities. Our dedicated online tools for regulatory monitoring and labeling management will ensure a seamless release of your food products into their markets and notify you when your labels need to be revised. Moreover, through our participation in transverse research projects on smart & intelligent packaging, we stay at the forefront of technological innovation and support you in providing additional information on product quality, traceability and sustainability to consumers. 

Through our audits and consulting services, we can also help you meet the requirements of your stakeholders, by helping you get certified or auditing your suppliers and manufacturers. 

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