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International Labeling: How To Have Successful Product Labels

International Labeling: How To Have Successful Product Labels

Our mission at Mérieux NutriSciences is to ensure that your products comply with international regulations by labeling food products correctly. If customers are already familiar with your brand, the information on your product label is the only information a future customer has to convince them to buy. Here are some details about how our food safety and labeling experts can assist you with creating new labels or reviewing current ones to ensure your products are labeled correctly for international sales.

What Benefits Do Our International Labeling Services Offer?

We have regulatory experts to cover labeling for over 100 countries who are ready to serve.

  • By working with us, there is no need for currency exchanges
  • We have contacts across all time zones (easy communication)
  • The number of countries we provide labeling for (over x# of countries)
  • We are always adding more to serve you better

What Is The Importance Of International Food Labeling?

Regulatory compliance services for food and supplement products around the globe.Includes things like:

  • Allergen requirements by country
  • Ingredient limits by food type
  • Label reviews
  • Nutrition calculations
  • Recipe of formula evaluations
  • Regulatory feedback
  • Ingredient evaluations for compliance
  • Claim verification

Why Is Our International Labeling Process Simple?

  1. Client works with our U.S. team to identify what international countries they’re interested in exporting to and what services they will need.
  2. Mérieux NutriSciences reaches out to our internal international labeling network to verify support turnaround time and costs.
  3. Mérieux NutriSciences provides quote and TAT for the services locally
  4. Mérieux NutriSciences provides the client with the list of requested items required to complete the services
  5. Client accepts 
  6. Mérieux NutriSciences team coordinates all communication with global network and completes the project.
  7. Project delivers the final international labeling report along with translations (if needed)

Get Started With Mérieux NutriSciences To Better Your International Success

We are prepared to assist by providing food labeling guidance to ensure the success of your products in the global market by ensuring that your labels comply with international laws. To begin, contact us using the form below!

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