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Labeling Regulatory Services

Food Labeling

Labeling Regulatory Services

We understand food and nutrition labeling regulations and the repercussions of a mislabeled product or dissatisfied consumer. Labeling requirements are written in legal language, making them difficult to understand and interpret – and our Labeling Regulatory Services department is here to help.

Nutrition and Food Labeling Services

Our Labeling Compliance & Regulatory Services team is dedicated to making sure our customers understand the regulations around their products. Composed of Regulatory Compliance Specialists with years of experience in all food categories, including pet food and dietary supplements, our experts guide clients in generating labels that follow all applicable FDA/USDA/CFIA practices and requirements, insisting all work is checked and peer-reviewed by two Regulatory Compliance Specialists.

Each customer is handled individually as every situation is unique. This allows the team to offer only the services and methods that will best fit the customer’s needs and ensure compliance requirements are being met.

Mérieux NutriSciences’ dedicated Labeling Compliance & Regulatory Services department offers label compliance reviews, nutrition facts panel develop by lab analysis or database, menu labeling, consultancy, information research regulatory services related to food and supplements, and food compliance subscription tools to food manufacturers, product developers, startups, restaurants, foodservice, and retail.  

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