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Food Environmental Monitoring Program

Food Environmental Monitoring Program

Make your Food Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP) be the best way to assess the environment of your facility. Let it work for you to control the potential for contamination in your manufacturing processes.

Monitoring of food manufacturing environment is a vital part of a complete quality program. Many incidents of contamination and recall can be traced back to a food manufacturer’s failure to have a sound environmental monitoring program.

EMP is the best front-line defense against product quality failure. It can be far less costly than even a single product recall.

Mérieux NutriSciences can help you find the best solutions, adapted to your needs, and provide you with the most effective data. Our experienced experts and accredited labs work with you to ensure your facility meets and exceeds your expectations.

Mérieux NutriSciences EMP Kit contains free resources to help you get started on your program.

Types of Monitoring

Testing & Sampling

  • Surface monitoring by swabs, contact agar, sponges
  • Aerial monitoring with passive sampling, settle plates, and other devices
  • Water testing of potable and processed water, and cooling towers
  • Cleanroom services with audits and baseline studies
  • Cleaning validation & monitoring
  • On-site sampling where experienced technicians collect samples or conduct environmental surveys at your facility
  • Pathogen monitoring for Listeria, E. Coli, Salmonella, and others
Microbiology Testing


  • Develop customized Environmental Monitoring Programs for your facility
  • Investigation & Troubleshooting of out-of-specification results
  • Design Listeria and other pathogen control and monitoring programs
  • Public and online EMP courses
  • Customer courses onsite to fit your facility needs
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EnviroMap® Software

EnviroMap is a comprehensive software solution that allows you to automate your environmental monitoring program.

This secure cloud-based system is transforming environmental monitoring across the food industry, providing users with effortless systematic tracking and traceability. EnviroMap assists with the entire sampling life cycle, from scheduling all the way to historical data analysis.
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