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March 09th 2022

Mérieux NutriSciences EMP Kit

Resource Kit

Getting up to speed on EMP

Whitepaper: Environmental Monitoring Programs: A Comprehensive Guide

Successful Environmental Monitoring Programs verify if your sanitation is effective. Our Environmental Monitoring Program guide provides insights on how to design and optimize your EMP.

Environmental Monitoring Virtual Courses

In our EMP courses, learn about microorganisms of concern in the processing environment and the basic of environmental monitoring.

Flyer: EMP Consultancy

Learn how our industry experts can ensure that your environmental monitoring
program is robust enough to protect your brand.

Infographic: 5 Questions in Designing Process Validation Studies

The Who, What, When, Why & How of designing and performing process validation studies.

Root Cause Analysis Checklist

A comprehensive checklist to identify the root cause of an environmental hazard.

Whitepaper: EMP: A Comprehensive Guide for the Pet Food Industry

EMP should be customized for every facility and product type, risk-based, and built to consider pathogen finding as a win, as these findings
can illuminate issues that can be corrected to reduce the overall risk.

Environmental Swabbing Kit

Instructions and Suggested Guidelines for
Hassle-Free Sampling

EMP Blog

Stay up to date on food safety & EMP with blogs from experts at Mérieux NutriScienes.

Digital Tools & Automation of your EMP


 EnviroMap is a secure, cloud-based system that is transforming environmental monitoring across the food industry, providing users effortless systematic tracking and traceability.

Webinar: Data Readiness & Digitalization for Food Producers

Hear from the experts on the advantages of digitizing food safety and environmental monitoring programs.

Investigations through Microbial ID

eBook: Breaking Down NGS and WGS

Expert insights into NGS & WGS technologies, and how
they fit into the food safety and manufacturing industries.

Case Study: Leveraging Old & New Molecular Tools

Take a deeper dive into 4 unique cases and how old and new tools provided modern solutions to
their issues.

Applying EMP to your Allergen Management

Brochure: Guide to Allergen Management

Allergen management within a food facility is not an easy undertaking but is a critical
component of an overall food safety plan.

Environmental Allergen Swab Collection Guide

Instructions and Suggested Guidelines for Hassle-Free Sampling

Applying EMP to your Non-GMO Program

GMO Swab Guide

Instructions and Suggested Guidelines for GMO/BE Environmental (ENV) Sampling

Flyer: GMO Services

Mérieux NutriSciences’ GMO Services offers solutions to meet your needs for addressing risk mitigation within your supply chain.

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