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Digital Tools

Digital Tools

In a globalized and competitive business environment, with increasing and fast-changing regulations, food industry players struggle to protect their brands and guarantee a consistent global level of food safety and quality.

Our digital tools provide real-time data and alerts to keep you up-to-date on industry changes on a global scale. From food safety and quality to regulatory compliance, our solutions have your product covered every step of the way.

Food Safety & Quality platforms

Automate and streamline your environmental monitoring program.

Get a handle on your supplier data with QualMap.

Customer portal, designed exclusively for our clients.

Regulatory Compliance Tools

Monitoring Food Fraud & Safety Alerts worldwide

  • Monitoring official agencies in 74 countries and online media
  • Search by filters
  • Statistics, trends, push alerts

Monitor relevant new regulations published in Official Journals in 76 Countries.

Customize your data and target only the markets relevant to you.

Monitoring Limits of Law in only a few clicks.

An easy-to-use tool to detect your limits and export your products without concerns.

Other Tools

With online, self-directed eLearning and streaming videos, our online training tools have everything you need for your food safety program.

A multi-functional tool for all your Food Safety Audit needs.

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