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Start Understanding and responding to your needs, from risk assessment to crisis management, is the key to our approach to Food Safety & Quality Consultancy. Drawing on decades of industry and regulatory expertise, our Food Safety Consulting Experts help you safeguard your product, fortify security protocols and protect your brand.

At the onset of each new project, we assess your needs and partner you with our most experienced and industry-specific consultants. No matter what the project, our objective is to offer our clients the highest level of professionalism and support every step of the way.

Food Safety & Quality


The objective of our assessment is to identify any existing opportunities for risk and make recommendations for improving in-plant conditions and programs.

Environmental Monitoring


Our EMP Risk Assessment Consultancy ensures your program is designed properly, identifies risks, targets the appropriate organisms, captures the best industry aspects, and is robust enough to protect your name.

Crisis Management

Minimize damage to your brand in the unfortunate event of a product recall or foodborne illness investigation with our Crisis Management Consultancy and Technical Legal Support Services.

Program Development Consultancy

Our consultants can assist in benchmarking your food safety management programs against recognized industry best practices to assess your product risk.

Process Authority

An evaluation of pasteurized, shelf-stable, acid/acidified food products is conducted by a Process Authority Consultant where a PA letter is created. 

Toxicology Consultancy

Our Toxicology Consulting services are provided by Certified Toxicologists to calculate and assess the risk of chemical exposure to humans and animals.

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