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Cautionary Statement and Supplemented Food Caution Identifier (SFCI)
September 26th 2022

Cautionary Statement and Supplemented Food Caution Identifier (SFCI)


By Dorothy Hong

In part one of this blog series, we looked closely at supplemented foods in Canada. For the second part, we look at the specific and general labeling requirements for supplemented food.

These labeling requirements outline how to manufacturers inform consumers of the health risks of excess consumption or consumption by vulnerable populations that are related to the SIs present in the SFs, the threshold levels for SIs and the triggered cautionary statements for label declaration are also prescribed in the list of Permitted Supplemental Ingredients.

Cautionary Statement and Supplemented Food Caution Identifier (SFCI)

The cautionary statement must be displayed in English and French, grouped together with a standardized bolded heading “Caution” and adjacent to the SFFt without intervening material, in a manner similar to how the current list of ingredients for prepackaged foods is to be declared. For example, 

  • When Vitamin C is more than 151 mg per serving in an SF, the following example of the cautionary statement is required on the label. 

In addition, a Supplemented Food Caution Identifier (SFCI) must be displayed in English and French and in black and white, placed in a prominent, clutter-free space on the PDP in a size proportional to the area of the principal display surface (PDS) of the package.

Supplemented Food Facts table (SFFt)

In order to assist consumers to identify the amounts of SIs used in the SF, the SF carries a standardized SFFt. Different from the NFt applied to conventional and fortified foods, a typical SFFt consists of the same information present in the NFt as well as the additional information not present in the NFt: 

The same information present in the NFt

  • The serving size, calories, 12 core nutrients (with the exception below) in metric units and % DVs, which are applied with the same rounding rules for convention food’s NFt)
  • Voluntary nutrients and/or mandatory nutrients when they are the subject of a representation on the label, e.g., a nutrient content claim
  • The footnote – 5% or less is a little, 15% or more is a lot

The additional information not present in the NFt

  • The heading “supplemented Food Facts”, instead of “nutrition facts”
  •  The subheading “Supplemented with” displayed below the footnote 
  • All SIs in the total amounts in metric units and %DV for SIs that have been established, which are rounded off to the nearest whole number and expressed in the manner set out in column 3 of the list of Permitted Supplemental Ingredients
  • Any supplemental nutrients same as vitamins and minerals in any core nutrients (e.g., calcium is a core nutrient, in the case where it is added as a SI, it must be only declared under the “Supplemented with” subheading)

In addition, other labeling requirements for SFFt are also prescribed, e.g., SFFt taken up 15% or less of the available display surface and the hierarchy of SFFt formats and sizes.

Other labeling requirements

Other than labeling requirements specific to supplemented foods as described above, SFs are subject to general labeling requirements for consumer prepackaged products, e.g., bilingual labeling, common name, net quantity, country of origin, name and principal place of business, list of ingredients and allergens as well as the newly released front-of-package (FOP) nutrition labeling and other labeling aspects if applicable. In addition, prescribed claims for conventional foods in FDR, such as health claims and nutrient content claims, may be voluntarily declared on the labels of SFs with some restrictions.

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