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Food Contaminants & Pesticide Residue Testing

Food Contaminants & Pesticide Residue Testing

Food Contaminants, Pesticide residues, and Veterinary Drugs can remain in food and soil for long periods and are potentially toxic to humans. We provide analytical services to ensure the quality of your products against a full spectrum of food contaminants.

Strict regulations over food products and packaging keep increasing worldwide. Mérieux NutriSciences worldwide regulatory experts already gathered more than 1,200 food regulatory updates and drafts worldwide in 2021 (Reference: Regulatory Update online platform.)

Our Food Contaminants Testing Services

Our accredited testing laboratories employ excellence-approved methods for the detection of contaminants in your food product including veterinary drugs, mycotoxins, pesticides, dioxins, and heavy metals substances. We also provide specialized network services for allergen detection and genetically modified organisms (GMO) analysis.

We utilize a range of advanced analytical tools and methods for quantitative analysis of contaminants and residues: HPLC, LC-MS/MS, and GC-MS/MS for fast and accurate results.

Expert testing for food contaminants

Are you looking for another type of test? Do you need help to minimise unwanted contaminants on your products? Ask about the full range of testing capabilities available in our analytical chemistry portfolio.

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