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Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP)

Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP)

Environmental Monitoring is the best way to assess your facility and control the potential for contamination in your manufacturing processes.

Building an efficient Environmental Monitoring Program for food safety is a key preventive microbial monitoring strategy. It ensures the production environment is not contaminated by pathogens or spoilage bacteria. An EMP provides data to implement the right corrective actions in your factory.

As your quality partner, Mérieux NutriSciences can help you choose the solutions best adapted to your needs. Our experienced experts and accredited labs work alongside your teams to ensure that your production area will always meet and exceed your expectations

Mérieux NutriSciences offers 360° environmental monitoring services

We support manufacturers with a wide range of additional environmental testing services, including digital tools to improve efficiency and advanced analytical methods customized to your needs:

Surface, Aerial, and Water Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring programs typically include surface, aerial, and water testing. Testing methods can either be qualitative or quantitative. Sampling efficacy is dependent on reliable collection and handling of samples. Poor sampling techniques can lead to false low or negative results. It is therefore important that sufficient training is provided for the monitoring program to be effective. Learn more below:

Testing, Digital Tools & Consultancy

Having an effective environmental monitoring program with a comprehensive sampling plan is crucial to ensure food safety. Contact us to discuss your need and develop a customized EMP.

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