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EnviroMap | Environmental Monitoring Solution

EnviroMap | Environmental Monitoring Solution

Environmental monitoring is a rising topic in the food industry. With all efforts focused on end products testing, monitoring sources of contamination in factories is often underestimated.

Given the high level of risk of microbial contamination in food processing environments, implementing continuous environmental monitoring programs (EMP) is critical. However, implementing an environmental sampling plan with appropriate data collection and analyses across supply chains can be challenging. When contamination persists, environmental testing results are hard to track without the right technology.

What is EnviroMap?

EnviroMap is a secure cloud-based environmental monitoring solution to automate your environmental monitoring program and your sampling plan.

With a clear display on your plant map, EnviroMap is the best-in-class solution that tackles your food safety concerns across production sites and provides efficiencies for your business.

Mérieux NutriSciences has designed a powerful environmental data management software to help food industry professionals streamline the execution of environmental monitoring programs. Commonly known as an overwhelming procedure, we propose manufacturers an effective solution to automate risk management in food handling facilities and identify and correct areas of safety concern. 

Automate and achieve operational efficiencies

EnviroMap brings a wide range of benefits to streamline Environmental Monitoring Programs:

  • Brand Protection: Formalization of your environmental monitoring program to reduce the risk of product recalls
  • Work Valorization: Less administrative tasks means more time for the core business
  • Cost Saving: Faster training of employees and reducing production losses
  • Time-Saving: Automatic reports of the plant, schedule sample activities.

Real-Time Data Analytics

EnviroMap is an environmental data management software that helps you to automate Environmental Monitoring Programs from end to end. No matter the sampling source, the data flows effortlessly, offering complete & easy interpretation of plant environmental conditions.

Whether you need to develop a one-time environmental program or track environmental sampling across facilities, we can support you through EnviroMap and other environmental monitoring services.

Key Features

Schedule a free live demo or a 1-on-1 discussion with our digital solution experts for more information about EnviroMap!

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