Provident Clinical Trial Unit, located in the Chicago area, is a fully dedicated clinical research site specializing in Phase I-IV clinical trials. Our highly experienced professional research team is designed to streamline efforts and assure maximum efficiency in all aspects of clinical research from study start-up to ongoing clinical trial maintenance, even on the most complex clinical trials.

Our facility has been specially designed with clinical trial research and patient convenience in mind. As a research facility, it includes a waiting area, clinic rooms and a fully equipped specimen laboratory for sample collection and processing. This dedicated setup allows staff to maximize both participant schedule flexibility and convenience as they participate in important research opportunities. 

We’ve created a large amount of repeat business with a results-oriented leadership team, most of whom have more than 15 years in clinical research. Our focus on ethics, quality, timeliness and responsiveness make us an ideal partner. We are constantly searching out new partnerships in the quest to work on new medications and treatments seeking FDA approval.

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July 21st, 2021
Market News
As part of our Continuous Training Program, we have scheduled 3 webinars in August 2021. These webinars are focused on SQF, for companies that are certified or are planning on getting a certification....
July 14th, 2021
Company News
We are pleased to invite you to participate in our Advanced HACCP webinar that will be given from July 20th to 23rd.  The price per person is $4,500 + taxes and it will have a 16 hour duration...