What benefit does your ingredient or product deliver to those who consume it? 

Can your ingredient be classified as a dietary fiber, under the new FDA regulations? 

Does your commercial weight loss or weight management system deliver the desired results or support the claims you desire?

Generating scientific evidence of the impact of your ingredient, product or food system via dietary intervention studies is in our sweet spot.  Whether the claims are needed for regulatory classification purposes, marketing opportunities or competitive comparisons, we provide a reliable, highly reputable and scientifically based resource with expertise in dietary intervention studies.  Beyond the science, our timeline management system and professional project team provide peace of mind to your team.

Blood lipids:  Foods that lower blood lipids can be determined by using dietary intervention studies using either a free-living or controlled feeding study design.  We have experience in both types and the publications to demonstrate our work.  Since we operate our own clinical investigation center, we can provide a full solution.

Dietary Fiber:  FDA has redefined dietary fiber as delivering only specific physiological benefits.  We can provide whether or not your ingredient meets this new definition.  Again, our publication track record provides several examples.

Body composition via dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA):  Using the Gold Standard tool to determine body composition and changes during dietary interventions, our team of scientists can investigate the impact your weight loss products or weight management system delivers.

Feeding studies:  We recruit and manage large controlled feeding studies from our clinical investigation center in the Chicago suburbs.  Using our staff of Registered Dietitians, caloric requirement specific diets can be constructed in order to reduce confounding factors such as weight loss or weight gain during such studies.  In some studies, we have utilized seven different caloric requirement diets so each subject’s needs can be addressed. 

Weight loss:  The FTC is leading the charge to ensure that food system and product weight loss claims are scientifically valid.  We specialize in studies of this type as well as in metabolic markers that accompany weight loss.

Metabolic outcomes:  Beyond blood lipids, a large range of metabolic outcomes can be studied such as glycemic control, cardiovascular, inflammatory, bone health and many others. 

If a multi-site study is needed, we have experience with both domestic and international multi-site studies.  

October 11th, 2021
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October 1st, 2021
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