December 23rd, 2020
New accreditation received by our CDMX Laboratory

We are proud to inform our clients of the new A2LA accredited analysis at our CDMX Laboratory. For more information about all the analysis we carry out please send an email to

Listeria monocytogenes and Listeria spp by ISO 11290-1:2017

Listeria monocytogenes by FDA BAM, Chapter 10

Salmonella spp by FDA BAM, Chapter 5

Aerobic Mesophilic Microorganisms by NOM-092-SSA1-1994, FDA BAM Chapter 3, CCMEF, 5th Ed. Ch. 8

Coliforms and E. coli by CMMEF, 5th Ed. Ch. 9, BAM Chapter 4

Fungus and yeast by NOM-242-SSA1-2009, NOM-243-SSA1-2010, CMMEF, 5th Ed. Ch. 21

Bacillus cereus by FDA BAM, 8th ed, AOAC 980.31

Staphylococcus aureus by AOAC 975.55

Total Coliforms by NOM-113-SSA1-1994

Listeria spp BAX by AOAC RI 030502

Listeria spp. by Immunoenzymatic por AOAC 2004.06

Salmonella spp. BAX by AOAC RI 100201

Salmonella spp. BAX by AOAC 998.06

Enterobacteria by NSM F23, ISO 21528-2, CMMEF Ch. 9