January 18th, 2021
Green Initiative Awards 2020 Congratulations Mérieux China

We want to congratulate Ningbo China Laboratory for the implementation of IoT technology and the achievements they have accomplished with this implementation. 

100 people work in this laboratory to ensure that the water and food we consume are safe. Thanks to the installation of new sensors for humidity, electricity meters, and other equipment, and the centralized management of energy in real-time, they achieved to improve the use of energy in the laboratory, a reduction of the use of Fresh Air System energy, a 25% of use of electricity in 2020 and it is estimated that 185 tons of CO2 were saved also in the past year.

This project won the Sustainability award that Mérieux NutriSciences gives internally on the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Pacific region. This story does not end here, as this IoT technology is being currently used at our laboratories in Shanghai and Qingdao in China and Istanbul in Turkey.