August 31st, 2021
COFEPRIS Food Safety Alerts

Did you know that COFEPRIS has not reported a food sanitary alert since 2018?

COFEPRIS has a section on their website dedicated to food sanitary alerts. As it explains on their website, in this section, anyone can find the food sanitary alerts that this entity issues about the probable implications there could be to the health of the Mexican population in regards to food. 
COFEPRIS defines a food sanitary alert as: a release in reference to a product that is processed, commercialized, distributed, conditioned or elaborated in Mexico or other countries, and due to its use or consumption it represents a risk to the health of Mexican consumers, that can have a social significance and that has to be addressed by taking urgent and efficient public health measures.

The last 4 food sanitary alerts that are in that website mention cereals, pistachios and ice cream products imported to Mexico. The last one dates 2018 and the companies involved are international. 

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