Applying sunscreen products is one of the necessary precautions to protect from sun: they have to be correctly tested, labeled and then properly used.

A long experience is available for in vivo and in vitro evaluation of sunscreen protection factors (SPFs).
The standard methods for the evaluation of SPFs and relevant labeling are regulated in each country. The sunscreen are classified as cosmetics or over-the-counter (OTC) drugs according to local legislations.
Different standard methods can be applied according to the laws.

  • ISO 24444 - SPF Test
  • ISO 24444 and Water Resistance according Colipa 2005 guidelines - Static and Water Resistance
  • FDA Final Rule (2011) - Static and Water Resistance
  • AS/NZS SPF test (2011)

Others tests on sunscreens products include:

  • Chemical evaluation of UV filter
  • Photo-degradation
  • Photo-toxicity


Picture 1. UV Light Source by Solar Light : MODEL 601 MULTIPORT® - SPF Testing 6 output Solar Simulator


Picture 2. Jacuzzi mini-swimming pool for controlled water immersion 

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