EnviroMap is a complete software that allows you to automate your environmental monitoring program.

This reliable cloud-based system is revolutionizing environmental monitoring in the food industry. It offers its users systematic tracking and traceability.

EnviroMap helps you throughout the entire sampling process, from planning to analyzing the archived data.

  • Automatic programming: all samples are indicated with a different color code according to the progress in the sampling process. Print barcodes, send samples and review the results from a specific customizable panel for each user.
  • Notification system: different real-time notification settings are available for scans, tasks and results based on your predefined settings.
  • Non-compliance: once a positive or out-of-range result has been confirmed, replacement samples will automatically appear on the calendar. Analysts can start the new sampling process based on the parameters defined by your company.
  • Analysis of archived data: simple and flexible reporting tools to present, analyze and share results. The results can be presented in many ways: grids, maps, bar graphs, pie charts and summary reports.

Click here to see our EnviroMap introductory video.