Sustainability as a choice, but not only.

Sustainability is an action aimed at balancing the growing economy, environmental protection and social responsibility, so that they all lead to a better quality of life for current and future generations.

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For over three decades, an environmental revolution has been taking place: it has influenced many companies around the world, changing their way of doing business forever. Furthermore, a series of repeated accidents caused by human activities have created a global wave of support for stricter government regulations.

Today many companies accept their environmental responsibility, implementing substantial changes to products and production processes: where this change is underway, the environment is recovering.




Thanks to its attention to these issues, we are able to offer a service dedicated to the cosmetic industry: it does not only concern the finished product, but also the packaging.


  • Determine formulation biodegradability: ratio between the weight of the organic ingredients of the formulation (easily biodegradable) and the total weight of organic ingredients.
  • Determine product biodegradability: biodegradability of the total organic part.

Ecosustainable packaging? Follow these 4 steps belonging to the rules on biodegradability and compostability EN 13432:2000

  1. Characterization of materials and substances composing the packaging
  2. Evaluation of biodegradability
  3. Disintegration of materials
  4. Quality and ecotoxicity of the final product

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