Science Center is a specialized unit within Mérieux NutriSciences to provide solutions to complex issues ranging over different areas.

Mérieux NutriSciences - Science Center

Science Center provides added value to your products.

We support companies with a full consulting and testing service by a team of dedicated experts a wide portfolio of analytical solutions, top-level equipment and long-standing scientific expertise.

We provide you with solutions to complex issues 

  • SUITABLE to the specific issue
  • FAST by taking care of your request within 48h
  • SUSTAINABLE in terms of resources and timing according to customer needs
  • STRATEGIC to the business
  • APPROPRIATE with targeted and non-targeted approaches in order to answer to the specific issue

Our approach

  • TAILOR-MADE to specifically suit to the problem to deal with
  • DYNAMIC for a fine-tuning according to the specific needs
  • MULTIDISCIPLINARY to explore all the possible solutions and choose the best one according to the needs
  • INTEGRATED: from the contextualization of the problem, to the understanding of the process, the most suitable analytical solution, the interpretation of the results all the way to the solution of the problem 

I nostri plus

  • A group of dedicated PROJECT MANAGERS
  • A SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT to manage the overall project
  • Deep KNOWLEDGE of the productive processes

What does SC take care of?

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