Consumer studies on health product

Biofortis offers a new strategic approach for non-prescription products (OTC) but also OTX products combining our clinical expertise to our know-how of consumer research. This new positioning allows our clients from the Health Care Industry to assess the consumer perception & satisfaction in a GCPS clinical environment and at the end, to have marketing outputs for a better communication and a promising market launch.

With this new offer, Biofortis will helps its clients in their marketing positioning at all stage of the product’s lifecycle

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Biofortis will help and support you to:

  • Validate the potential of your concept
  • Define the best sensory identity for your health product (aspects, odour, taste, galenic…)
  • Gain in ease of use & acceptability
  • Well-orientate your communication campaign
  • Test your the product through the whole experience (concept understanding, usage, sensory perception and organoleptic properties, emotions, personal back ground expectations & believes,
  • Improve your product performances

Biofortis can support you at all stage of your product’s lifecycle on a wide range of product (baby food, food supplement, functional food, clinical nutrition, dietary nutrition, cosmetics…) to:

  • Measure your consumer satisfaction
  • Measure the perceived efficacy of your product
  • Evaluate the optimal formulation to maximize perceived efficacy
  • Compare your product to your competitors

Consumers perception may not be enough to enhance your health product with healthcare professionals. Within a consumer test, while following good practices, Biofortis can reinforce consumer’s evaluation with more objective elements thanks to:

  • Dosage of biological parameters on non-invasive samples collection (saliva, stool, urine)
  • Validated reference questionnaires (STAY®, WOMAC®, PSQI®, ...)
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