Tests are the fundamental part of the services performed by Mérieux NutriSciences, however, they are always accompanied by activities that can guide and support customers, especially in the choice of the analytical plan and for the needs that may arise during service implementation.


Customer assistance is guaranteed by our Customer Care and Project Managers.

Mérieux NutriSciences - Customer Care

​The Customer Care team dedicated to the environmental sector is composed of highly specialized technicians and graduates in scientific subjects, they are dedicated to the relationship with customers. In this regard, Mérieux NutriSciences started the internal development project “Customer Excellence” which is based on the strengthening of excellence in personal relationships, moving from a purely technical attitude to a 360° focus on customer service.

The main activities of the Customer Care are the following:

  • technical advice and drafting of analytical plans;
  • reports with opinions (closing of test reports) and conformity assessments, interpretations and comments of test results in compliance with current regulations (A.I.A.Integrated Environmental Authorization”, A.U.A. “Single Environmental Authorization”, legislative exemptions, special specifications, technical standards, etc.);
  • technical reports (tests that do not follow the usual analytical procedure as for type and timing);
  • general advice to public and private bodies in case of criminal proceedings, seizures, etc.

The Project Managers take care of specific orders and are a reference for both management and contractual aspects. These are people with specific scientific training and long experience in the environmental sector dedicated to customers who need a thorough technical/legislative knowledge, as well as a high standing service, including the planning of field activities. The Project manager can be seen as a real consultant who, by managing specific orders, understands the requests thoroughly and is able to respond to critical issues. Moreover, the consultant is also the main contact person of the customer to agree on times and methods of sampling activities and to share any special needs or evaluate the progress of the work.

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