In industrial hygiene, the physical agents to be considered are noise, microclimate, vibrations.

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In Mérieux NutriSciences, technicians perform noise measurements in workplaces and technicians qualified in acoustics perform surveys in external environments:

  • acoustic impact assessment
  • predictive assessment of acoustic impact
  • predictive assessment of acoustic climate

The assessment of environmental noise impact allows to determine whether a work being investigated (infrastructure, industrial plant, etc.) respects the sound output and input limits in a defined area and in nearby areas. Thanks to the assessment of environmental noise impact, an effective implementation and verification of the contents of spatial planning is possible.

There are two different acoustic impact assessments:

  • the assessment of the acoustic climate that quantifies the level of noise in the area undergoing transformation and verifies compliance with the requirements envisaged by current legislation and
  • the predictive assessment of acoustic impact that is performed before the execution of the work.


Mérieux NutriSciences performs surveys for both “vibrations transmitted to hand-arm system” and “vibrations transmitted to the whole body”. As for the first, the standard of reference is UNI EN ISO 5349, while for the latter it is UNI EN ISO 2631. The results of the surveys are subject to the evaluation of our qualified staff that verifies the compliance with the limits established by current laws.


The microclimate of a working environment -namely the physical parameters (air temperature, average radiant temperature, air speed, relative humidity) that characterize the thermal exchange between workers and the environment together with metabolism and clothing- is a very important element of any risk assessment.

The thermo-hygrometric environment where a worker operates can compromise safety and health, but it can also be unsuitable for the activity carried out and create real feelings of discomfort. The evaluation of the environmental microclimate and workers’ comfort takes place through the measurement of environmental and individual parameters, followed by the elaboration of specific comfort indexes that allow to express in figures the microclimatic conditions of an environment.

Mérieux NutriSciences offers the verification of the ergonomics of thermal environments, the control and measurements of the microclimate in moderate environments (where comfort conditions can be attained) and in severe environments (where comfort conditions cannot be attained and therefore workers’ health and safety must be ensured).

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