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These emissions are one of the main environmental aspects by manufacturing companies. Relevant authorizations regulate the monitoring of the several points of emission of a company, be it a small plant or a large industrial complex.

The Mérieux NutriSciences dedicated team dealing with the analysis of emissions into the atmosphere has thirty years of experience and is composed of highly specialized technicians. It enjoys latest generation material and sampling lines that are constantly updated and comply with the requirements of the individual technical specifications and the UNI EN ISO IEC 17025 standard. From the point of view of sampling and emission analysis techniques, the field application of Mérieux NutriSciences covers a wide variety of characterizations and situations: from the monitoring of macro-pollutants with equipped vehicles, to more complex sampling of organic micro-pollutants (dioxins, furans and PCBs) and the verification of Automatic Measuring System (AMS) and management of QAL2 and AST protocols in compliance with the EN 14181 standard.

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Emissions from production plants, incineration plants and large combustion plants

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